Unraveling Modern Tech: AI in Retail, Acquisitions, Smart Returns, and Digital Media Evolution - Location Weekly Episode 637

In this episode, we dive into four topics, showcasing the progressive influence of location intelligence across diverse sectors. Discover how Marks & Spencer, the British retail giant, is harnessing AI-powered visual compliance technology from Trax to elevate store operations and enrich the customer experience. Understand the implications of Neptune Solutions' strategic acquisition of Quotient, extending its footprint in the digital media and promotions landscape. Learn about Sewts, the German start-up pioneering a returns tech solution infused with location data and intelligent labeling, aiming to reshape the online shopping returns process. And, unravel the intentions behind Adapt Media's decision to spin off Chameleon Digital, emphasizing its growth and potential in the digital out-of-home media space. Join us in this episode of Location Weekly for a thorough insight into the latest innovations and shifts in location-based marketing and technology.


  • [👀] Marks & Spencer leverages AI-powered visual compliance tech from Trax.
  • [💰] Neptune Solutions strategically merges with Quotient.
  • [📦] Sewts secures $7.6M in funding for its innovative returns tech.
  • [🦎] Adapt Media paves the way for Chameleon Digital's independent journey.