The Future of Shopping and Tech: Smart Fitting Rooms, Connected Cars, Commerce Media, and Next-Gen Locating - Location Weekly Episode 638

In this episode, we explore four groundbreaking topics, underscoring the expanding role of location technology in modern commerce and personal interactions. Dive into Good American's collaboration with Crave Retail, bringing the future of shopping to its Los Angeles store with smart fitting room technology. Delve into ToneTag's innovation for connected cars, a game-changer for vehicle-merchant transactions. Discover Criteo's Commerce Max, a demand-side platform taking ad campaigns to the next level with location data and AI. And, get a peek into Apple's iPhone 15's ultra-wideband capabilities, revolutionizing location-based interactions with augmented reality.


  • [πŸ‘—] Good American & Crave Retail: Smart fitting rooms in LA using RFID & computer vision for instant customization.
  • [πŸš—] ToneTag: Seamless car-merchant transactions via high-wave frequency & ONDC, hinting at cars as e-commerce tools.
  • [πŸ“ˆ] Criteo's Commerce Max: Advanced DSP using location data & AI, enhancing marketer engagement on & off retail sites.
  • [πŸ“±] iPhone 15: UWB & AR combined for precise positioning. Capture & view spatial videos with AR devices.