From In-Store Analytics to Advanced Shopping Experiences: Discovering Evolutions in Retail & Geo-Technology - Location Weekly Episode 639

This episode unravels the intricate shifts in location technology and retail trends. Discover Sam’s Club's revolutionary Sales Media Performance dashboard, designed to gauge the effectiveness of its in-store media. Dive into Amazon's advanced Just Walk Out technology, signaling the future of frictionless shopping experiences. Step into eBay UK's Authenticity Lab, an innovation enhancing trust in the sneaker marketplace. And, learn about Mapbox's massive funding round from SoftBank, highlighting its aspirations for global expansion in the realm of maps and spatial computing.


  • [🛒] Sam’s Club Dashboard: Harnessing multi-source data to analyze the ROI and impact of in-store advertising.
  • [👚] Amazon's Just Walk Out: Pioneering the future of retail with computer vision and deep learning for seamless shopping.
  • [👟] eBay UK's Authenticity Lab: Boosting confidence in sneaker trading with NFC-tagged certificates verifying authenticity.
  • [🌍] Mapbox & SoftBank: Embarking on a $280M journey to amplify innovations in mapping and explore emerging markets.