AR Storefront, Indoor Positioning Alliance, 3D Illusion, and Commuter Behavior Impact - Location Weekly Episode 647

In Location Weekly Episode 647, we explore the latest developments in location-based marketing and technology. Join us as we discover Coach's augmented reality (AR) storefront experience for the holidays, an alliance formed by OrionGo, Fashion Intelligence, and Estial Topology to provide indoor positioning management services, Jo Malone's captivating 3D illusion of a gingerbread house, and the impact of commuter behavior on AM/FM radio. Stay tuned for insightful discussions and analysis on these trending topics.


  • [🎁] Coach's AR Storefront Experience: Coach introduces an AR experience at select stores, allowing customers to see festive collection items on their bodies as they pass by the store window.
  • [🌐] Indoor Positioning Alliance: OrionGo, Fashion Intelligence, and Estial Topology create an alliance for indoor positioning management services, particularly in airports, using cellular signals and minimal hardware.
  • [🏰] Jo Malone's 3D Illusion: Jo Malone creates a captivating 3D illusion of a gingerbread house at Battersea Power Station, incorporating a hologram effect and fragrance experiences.
  • [πŸš—] Impact on AM/FM Radio: A report reveals the return of commuter traffic to pre-COVID levels, influencing media exposure, including the resilience of AM/FM radio.