DoubleVerify and Locala Partner for Enhanced Location-Based Advertising - Location Weekly Episode 648

In Location Weekly Episode 648, we delve into the latest updates in location-based marketing and technology. Join us as we explore DoubleVerify and Locala's global partnership to provide fraud prevention and media quality solutions for location-based advertising in France. We also discuss Amazon's utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize delivery routes and inventory management, Qloo's cultural AI platform launch on Snowflake Marketplace, and Home Depot's collaboration with Sidekick for enhanced in-store operations. Tune in for insightful discussions and analysis on these groundbreaking developments.


  • [🤝] DoubleVerify & Locala: Partnership provides accurate and transparent data for location-based advertising in France.
  • [📦] Amazon's AI Optimization: Enhances delivery and inventory management with impressive 11-minute package dispatch and improved customer service.
  • [🌍] Qloo's Cultural AI on Snowflake: Empowers marketers with personalized campaigns using vast consumer preference data.
  • [🏡] Home Depot & Sidekick: Collaboration improves in-store efficiency with computer vision and real-time inventory updates.