Yahoo's AI-Powered Blueprint, Qualcomm and ISRO Collaboration, and Bumble's Friend-Focused Features - Location Weekly Episode 649

In Location Weekly Episode 649, we explore the latest advancements in location-based marketing and technology. Join us as we discuss Yahoo's DSP launch of Blueprint, an AI-powered feature that offers mid-flight optimization for campaigns using a blend of first-party and third-party data. We also delve into Qualcomm's collaboration with ISRO to integrate India's NavIC satellite system into its latest chipset, improving location accuracy and services. Additionally, we explore Bumble's launch of Bumble for Friends and AI-powered conversation starters and plans, aimed at helping users connect and make friends online. Stay tuned for insightful discussions on these innovative features and their impact.


  • [🔵] Yahoo's AI-Powered Blueprint optimizes campaigns using first-party and third-party data, discussing benefits and challenges compared to Google and Meta.
  • [🌐] Qualcomm integrates India's NavIC satellite system, enhancing location accuracy for navigation, disaster management, and agriculture, with commendable support for satellite technology expansion.
  • [💬] Bumble introduces Bumble for Friends and AI-powered conversation starters, facilitating group activities and chats, exploring their value across generations and scenarios.