TextOMap's Interactive Maps, Jagat's Social Network Success, Sony's Atrios Platform, and Unacast-Gravy Analytics Merger - Location Weekly Episode 650

In Location Weekly Episode 650, we delve into the latest developments in location-based marketing and technology. Join us as we explore TextOMap, a German-based startup that utilizes AI to create interactive maps from location-based texts. Discover Jagat, a rapidly growing location-based social network with over 10 million users. Learn about Sony's Atrios platform, empowering retailers with AI and computer vision for optimizing physical stores. Lastly, we discuss the merger of Unacast and Gravy Analytics, creating a significant player in the location data and analytics industry. Stay tuned for insights and discussions on these groundbreaking stories.


  • [🌍] TextOMap: German startup uses AI for interactive maps without an AI database.
  • [📱] Jagat: Location-based social network with 10+ million users, compared to Glympse and Zenly.
  • [🏬] Sony's Atrios: Edge AI platform optimizes physical stores for retailers using computer vision.
  • [🤝] Unacast-Gravy Analytics Merger: Merger of location data leaders signifies industry consolidation.