The Latest Stories of Connected Cars, Ridesharing, and Facial Recognition - Location Weekly Episode 652

In Location Weekly Episode 652, we delve into the latest news and innovations in the world of location-based marketing and technology. Join us as we discuss the collaboration between Hyundai, Kia, and Samsung's SmartThings for connected car services. Then, enjoy an insightful interview with Dwight Howen, the executive director of TT Rideshare, where he shares their success story and how they leverage location data and analytics to enhance their service. Lastly, we explore Burger King Brazil's unique campaign that uses facial recognition to measure hangover levels and offer discounts. Stay tuned for engaging discussions and valuable insights on these captivating topics.


  • [๐Ÿš—] Hyundai-Kia-Samsung Partnership: IoT collaboration for cars and homes, focusing on convenience and market growth.
  • [๐ŸŽ™๏ธ] TT Rideshare Interview: Dwight Howen, TT Rideshare's executive director, discusses rideshare market leadership and invites listeners to the Fintech Islands conference for expansion plans.
  • [๐Ÿ”] Burger King Brazil's Hangover Whopper Campaign: Facial recognition campaign drives traffic to Burger King's delivery service, sparking discussion on effectiveness and privacy in Brazil's tech-friendly environment.