AI Drive-Throughs, Immersive Shopping & Data Partnerships: Latest Trends in Location Weekly - Eps. 620

In this episode of "Location Weekly" (Episode 620), the hosts discuss several industry-related topics. They start by talking about Wendy's collaboration with Google Cloud to test artificial intelligence technology at their drive-throughs. This pilot project aims to improve the drive-through experience for customers by using generative AI models to understand complex orders and streamline the process.

The hosts then move on to discuss Amazon's new immersive shopping platform called Amazon Anywhere. This platform connects virtual environments, such as video games or augmented reality applications, with Amazon's shopping capabilities. Users can interact with and purchase items from Amazon while playing games or engaging in virtual experiences. The first partnership on this platform is with Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, and they have developed a game called Peridot that offers game-related merchandise for purchase.

Next, the hosts highlight Macy's partnership with The Trade Desk for a data partnership. Macy's, as the largest department store chain in the U.S., will provide access to their customer segments through The Trade Desk's self-serve advertising platform. This collaboration allows advertisers to target specific audiences based on Macy's data, opening up new possibilities for targeted advertising.

Overall, these stories represent the growing trend of leveraging AI technology, virtual environments, and data partnerships to enhance customer experiences, create new advertising opportunities, and bridge the gap between physical and digital realms in various industries.