Niantic's geolocation game, Redbox-Dollar General partnership, IWG acquires Point Inside, Horizon Media launches Amp. - Weekly Eps.617

In this exciting episode of Location Weekly, the hosts take us on a journey around the world with four remarkable stories. The first story is about Niantic's latest partnership with Capcom, which has resulted in the launch of a thrilling geolocation-based game called Monster Hunter. The hosts delve into the game's features and discuss how it will bring a new level of excitement to the gaming world.

The second story is about Redbox's collaboration with Dollar General to add 1,500 new kiosks over the next two years. The hosts highlight the strategic importance of this partnership in expanding Redbox's reach and making its services more accessible to customers.

The third story is about IWG's acquisition of all the US-based Point Inside customer contracts and indoor mapping assets. The hosts explore how this acquisition will provide IWG with new opportunities to diversify its services and provide customers with better and more efficient solutions.

Finally, the hosts discuss Horizon Media's launch of Amp, an out-of-home planning and analytics platform that uses geolocation data to measure audience insights and campaign effectiveness. The hosts discuss the platform's features and how it will revolutionize the advertising industry.

The hosts also delve into the potential risks of geolocation-based games and how they can be mitigated. Additionally, they discuss the trend towards measuring investment payoffs across various industries and the importance of data-driven decision-making.

Overall, this episode is packed with insightful analysis and engaging discussions that will leave viewers informed and entertained.