Location Marketing Revolution: AI Ads, Seamless Payments, Wearable Enhancements, AR Innovations! - Weekly Eps. 618

In Episode 618 of the "Location Weekly" podcast, recorded on May 2nd, the absence of Abriana is filled by Carson, the co-founder and head of operations. The episode covers several noteworthy stories in the field of location-based marketing. Firstly, Basis Technologies and Pier 39 have formed a partnership to revolutionize advertising by leveraging location-based contextual targeting through the use of artificial intelligence. This approach aims to provide customers with more personalized and valuable ad experiences across various channels. Secondly, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and WhatsApp, has introduced WhatsApp as a payment platform for small businesses in Brazil, offering seamless checkout experiences directly within the messaging app. This move aligns with the growing trend of integrated payment solutions within social media platforms. Moving on, Bodytrak has collaborated with NextNav to enhance the accuracy of wearable devices in tracking vital health parameters such as body temperature, heart rate, and hydration levels. This partnership combines NextNav's vertical positioning technology with Bodytrak's variable devices, enabling improved monitoring capabilities, particularly in high-stress environments like firefighting. Lastly, Snapchat has teamed up with Coca-Cola to develop an augmented reality (AR) prototype, incorporating AR-enabled posts and creating an AR suite of tools for shopping. This collaboration takes advantage of Snapchat's extensive user base and expertise in AR filters to explore engaging and measurable experiences within the emerging web 3 and metaverse landscape. These stories reflect the ongoing advancements and strategic partnerships in the realm of location-based marketing, demonstrating the industry's commitment to delivering more targeted, seamless, and immersive experiences for both businesses and consumers.