How Location-Based Tech is Changing the Game with Snapchat’s AR, Threads, and the power of 5G - Weekly Eps. 628

On this week, this episode of Location Weekly takes you on a journey through the cutting-edge of location-based marketing, where you'll discover how Barbie is transforming real-world locations into magical playgrounds with Snapchat's AR, how Meta is challenging Twitter's dominance with Threads, a new social media platform that lets you create and join conversations based on your location, how Nano Interactive is revolutionizing location-based advertising with a platform that respects your privacy and delivers relevant ads based on your context, and how Foursquare and Verizon are teaming up to unleash the power of 5G and spatial computing to create amazing location-based experiences.


  • [📽] Barbie goes AR over real-world location with Snapchat
  • [📱] Meta launches Threads as a rival to Twitter
  • [🤖] Nano Interactive launches new location-based ad platform
  • [🖥] Foursquare partners with Verizon to power 5G experiences