Location Intel Platform, AI-Powered Ads, Interactive Kiosks Drive Sales & Engagement - Weekly Eps. 622

In this episode, the hosts dive into four intriguing stories that cover a range of innovative technologies and their applications. From Unicast's location intelligence platform providing valuable insights for real estate investors and marketers to SAP's use of generative AI technology in advertising campaigns, there's no shortage of cutting-edge advancements to explore. Wake Fern's interactive sampling kiosks and Shanghai's smart booth further demonstrate the integration of technology into retail and urban environments. Join us as we delve into these fascinating stories and share our thoughts on the potential impact of these technologies. So, let's get started with the summary of Episode 622 of "Location Weekly."

The first story is about Unicast, a location intelligence platform, introducing their new product called Insights. It provides data and insights on people's movement and demographic trends within specific locations in the US, helping real estate investors, retailers, and marketers make informed decisions.

The second story features SAP, a German company, launching a 10-day activation campaign across three cities in the US. They use generative AI technology to adjust the copy and images of their advertising campaigns in real-time based on news, culture, and events happening in the cities.

The third story revolves around Wake Fern, a retailer-owned cooperative, expanding the use of interactive multimedia sampling kiosks called "FreeAsk." These kiosks provide a sensory and interactive experience for shoppers, allowing them to learn more about products and brands. The use of these kiosks has resulted in a significant sales lift.

The final story focuses on a collaborative project in Shanghai called the "Shanghai Smart Booth." It is an advanced phone booth powered by solar panels, offering features like phone calls, Wi-Fi, wireless charging, and touchscreens with city maps. It also includes facial recognition and aims to assist the elderly and address the issue of missing individuals.

Source: The LBMA